Evil Curses and How to Break Them

Breaking Curses

There are seven indications that usually signify the presence of a curse over your life or your family. If you experience only one of these, I would not say for sure there is a curse. But if several of them show up in your family, in different areas and in multiple generations, you can be almost sure that a curse is in place. These indications are the following:

Mental and emotional breakdown;
Repeated or chronic sicknesses, especially if they are hereditary;
Repeated miscarriages or related female problems;
Breakdown of marriage and family alienation, especially a family history of them;
Financial insufficiency, if it is ongoing;
Being known as “accident-prone”; and,
Having a family a history of suicides or unnatural deaths.

Prayers to Break Curses
In the name of Jesus Christ I break any and all curses placed against me by witchcraft and command the curses and spirits from them to return to senders. (Psalm 109)
In the name of Jesus Christ I break any curses of rejection from the womb or illegitimacy which may be in my family, even back to ten generations on both sides of family.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection; from any ungodly soul ties to my mother, father, grandparents or any other person, living or dead, who have ever dominated or controlled me, in any way which is contrary to will of God and the Word of God.
I thank you Lord for Setting me free. I also repent and ask you to forgive me if I have ever dominated or controlled some other person in the wrong way.

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   Question: Is there a specific time I must pray?
   Answer: You can pray anytime you choose

Prayer Points

O Lord, locate and destroy by fire every evil charm, hex, spell, jinx, manipulation and witchcraft working against my life, in Jesus name.
Holy ghost fire, flow through me and destroy every demonic personality and plantation in my life, in Jesus name.
I remove my name from every evil list, in Jesus name.
Every demonic personality following me around be arrested by fire, in Jesus name.
I bind every sorcerer, diviner, soothsayer, necromancer, false prophet(ess), psychic and witch doctor hired to do me harm, in Jesus name.
I reverse every evil done to me in my dreams, in Jesus name.
I dismantle and destroy every monitoring gadget of the enemies, in Jesus name.
O Lord, visit the foundation of my life and fix every problem in it, in Jesus name.
I destroy every remote controlling power working against my life, in Jesus name.


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