Specialty Services

There are several specialty services available for people interested in receiving their deliverance. The first step we recommend is the deliverance assessment questionare. This questionaire helps you identify issues and open doors from the foundation of your life till now, helps you identify current open doors and how you are being affected in your life right now. The deliverance assessment asks you key questions that dig into your foundation, past parental and personal occultic involments, past relationships, childhood and adult traumas and more.

Option 1 - Deliverance Assessment and Assessment Review

Your Assessment Answers will be evaluated and we will email the discoveries and recoomendations to you.

Option 2 - Asssessment Review with Coaching

60 minutes telephone or zoom session designed to go over your assessment results with you.

Option 3 - Assessment Review, Coaching and Renunciation

90 minute Telephone or Zoom Session to go through assessment results, renunciation and close doors that is open to satan in your life.

One-on-one deliverance session

One-on-one Deliverance Session is available in-person and via Zoom.
The in-person Deliverance Session is done at our Saint Albans, Queens location by appointment only.
The Zoom Deliverance Session allows you to experience a private deliverance from the comfort and privacy of your own home. With the Zoom app, you will be able to see me and I can see you. Distance is not a barrier in the realm of the spirit, so this method is as effective as meeting in person.
To schedule a deliverance call 855-454-3396 or send an email to info@deliverancezone.com

One-on-One Coaching with Femi Akojenu (non-deliverance)

Call and Schedule Your 60 min Coaching Now

Coaching Areas Include:

(Starting or Taking Your Business to the Next Level)

Ministry and Non-Profit
(Starting and Taking Your Ministry or Non-Profit to the Next Level)

(Media Ministry, Getting Featured on Mainstream Media, etc.)

(Marketing Planning, Unique Selling Proposition, Elevator Picth, etc.)

Personal Development
(Overcome your Fears and Limitations and Improve Every Area of Your Life)

To schedule Your Coaching, call (800) 557-5071

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