Post Praise Report

Testimony of Deliverance by Tiffani K.
My deliverance experience was different than most people's. I did not have a great number of manifestations while being prayed for, yet I knew something was moving in the spirit realm. Pastor Femi's approach was both logical and deeply spiritual. First, he asked me a series of probing questions about my background, my culture, my relationships and my own spiritual journey that would inform him most precisely how to begin to pray for my deliverance. I discovered during our conversation that I was harboring unforgiveness for someone who violated me as a teenager. I prayed to release this person then Pastor Femi began to pray. During my session, I fell to the ground and was coughing a great deal (this was the exitway for all evil spirits).
Since then, my dream life - which was once heavily polluted by animal disturbance, perverse acts and nightmarish occurrences - has been completely pure. I either have a dreamless night where I wake up very well rested or I have a dream that carries with it great significance for my life.
I am no longer tormented at night. I am at peace.

Testimony of Employment by Shirley E. and Yvette J.
I received a call from Shirley on Tues, Jan 29th,the evening after Pastor Femi's conference call for those seeking employment. She very excitedly told me that her request for an increase had been granted that morning!!! She had been seeking God for quite some time. She said she remembered Pastor Femi saying, "Some of you are going to experience a move of God tomorrow morning." She kept saying, "look what God did after Pastor Femi prayed!!!" We are both so grateful God has ordained this conference call. People are being blessed, and set free in many areas of their lives. THANK YOU Pastor Femi for being led by the HOLY SPIRIT!!! What a TRUE & COMPASSIONATE servant of THE MOST HIGH. God bless you, ALWAYS.

Testimony of Opened Doors, Healing and Deliverance by Tina S.
I called Pastor Femi, in time of financial oppression, when everything was closing in on me, my body was being tormented by pain (feet, shoulders, back), and on top of that I was dealing with church hurt experience that was keeping me from joining a church. I also was experiencing insomnia. Pastor Femi scheduled a time to talk with me about it all and to learn about me to target how, and what was going on in the spirit realm.

Few days later he took time out of his schedule to come to my place of dwelling and prayed for me, a strong prayer of deliverance, breaking of spiritual curses, of protection, healing, and for my family. Not many weeks following closed doors began to open and where I couldn't get a job as a result of what witchcraft being broken and many doors began to open. My body and the torment of pain I was experienced at that time stopped! Glory to God, I am now working a wonderful job and many things are coming together for me, my daughter, and for relatives. I have now joined a loving church home, where I serve as a administrator, and praise & worship leader.
I thank Pastor Femi for coming to my aid in time of need, and for praying the prayer of faith that have impacted my life in such a tremendous way. Blessings to this wonderful ministry, it is my prayer that many masses of people are healed, set free, and delivered in the name of Jesus, Our Savior. Your sister, Tina Schrell

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