Point of Contact

One tactic commonly employed by practitioners of witchcraft, especially household wickedness, is known as the "Point of Contact." This strategy involves seizing anything that belongs to you and using it as a conduit for malevolent purposes.

Examples of these "points of contact" include nail clippings, underwear, hair, clothing, photographs, or personal items like pens. In extreme cases, some may even use highly personal items such as menstrual pads.

Their modus operandi typically involves taking these items to practitioners of occult arts like obeah, juju, psychics, voodoo priests, or santeria priests. They request curses be placed upon the victims whose possessions they've taken or pilfered. Rituals are performed to inflict illnesses, obstructions, and malevolent influences into the lives of those they seek to harm.

In hostile environments or places where you sense a lack of genuine care, vigilance becomes crucial. An anecdote recounts a woman at a workplace Christmas party who displayed a group photo on her desk. Someone who harbored ill feelings toward her cut out her face from the picture, intending to subject her to a curse.

It's essential to seek guidance from the Spirit of God in all matters. Not every detail of your life needs sharing, even with family. Seeking divine guidance may prompt you to discern when to withhold certain information—like good news about interviews, college admissions, or job offers—from specific individuals.

Trusted individuals might not always have your best interests in mind. They could be the ones clandestinely working against you. This doesn't mean living in perpetual suspicion but being prayerful and attuned to the Holy Spirit's guidance. It's crucial to discern who you allow into your personal space, your bedroom, and whom your children spend time with. Not everyone around you might harbor goodwill; some might be sent with ill intentions.

Carefulness is paramount, even when offering help. People who seem like strangers might actually be agents of malevolence. Vigilance is key in discerning their true nature and intentions.

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Prayer Points

Every point of contact being used against me, be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
I render useless any picture of mine that is being used for evil purposes in Jesus name.
I render null and void any ritual that my picture, clothing, hair clipping, nail clipping has been used for in Jesus name.
O Lord, locate and destroy by fire every evil charm, hex, spell, jinx, manipulation and witchcraft working against my life, in Jesus name.
Holy ghost fire, flow through me and destroy every demonic personality and plantation in my life, in Jesus name.
I remove my name from every evil list, in Jesus name.
Every demonic personality following me around be arrested by fire, in Jesus name.
I bind every sorcerer, diviner, soothsayer, necromancer, false prophet(ess), psychic and witch doctor hired to do me harm, in Jesus name.
I reverse every evil done to me in my dreams, in Jesus name.
I dismantle and destroy every monitoring gadget of the enemies, in Jesus name.
O Lord, visit the foundation of my life and fix every problem in it, in Jesus name.
I destroy every remote controlling power working against my life, in Jesus name.


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