Shield of Faith

Paul uses the Greek word pistis for faith here, according to Strong’s Concordance (G4102). The essence of pistis is a strong assurance, conviction, or persuasion of the truth of something, believing with confidence or trust.

Throughout the New Testament, faith is described as a quality every believer must have (faith in Christ as Savior and Redeemer), something required to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Jesus chided the disciples for having little faith (Matthew 8:26). Peter exhorts us to increase in faith, along with other qualities (2 Peter 1:5-9). Hence, faith seems to be like a muscle that can be strengthened as it is exercised. Peter also encourages believers to add knowledge to their faith. Faith isn’t about blind belief. Our faith has historical context—written documentation for much of what we believe occurred in both Testaments. Our faith also has countless Christians who came before us, testifying to the truth.

Faith is also a spiritual gift that the Holy Spirit gives for building up the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:9). Some have greater faith than others, but we aren’t to judge one another (Romans 14:1-4).

The faith Paul is talking about, a faith shielding against Satan’s fiery darts, is available to every follower of Jesus Christ. It is about having a strong assurance in the person and work of Jesus. This faith is primarily informed by God’s Word (which is the sword within our armor). So, reading, memorizing, studying, and applying God’s Word is one way we activate this shield.

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   Question: Is there a specific time I must pray?
   Answer: You can pray anytime you choose

Prayer Points

I receive strong faith and I reject the spirit of fear and unbelief in Jesus name.
By faith, I quenche every fiery darts of the wicked that is being shot at me in Jesus name.
O Lord, locate and destroy by fire every evil charm, hex, spell, jinx, manipulation and witchcraft working against my life, in Jesus name.
Holy ghost fire, flow through me and destroy every demonic personality and plantation in my life, in Jesus name.
I remove my name from every evil list, in Jesus name.
Every demonic personality following me around be arrested by fire, in Jesus name.
I bind every sorcerer, diviner, soothsayer, necromancer, false prophet(ess), psychic and witch doctor hired to do me harm, in Jesus name.
I reverse every evil done to me in my dreams, in Jesus name.
I dismantle and destroy every monitoring gadget of the enemies, in Jesus name.
O Lord, visit the foundation of my life and fix every problem in it, in Jesus name.
I destroy every remote controlling power working against my life, in Jesus name.


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