Household Wickedness

I want to share something with you that may be difficult for some to wrap their mind around. It is the fact that the source of the spiritual attack you are experiencing in your life may be from people that you know - people that you share your secrets with, people that you share your success and struggles with.

What I am saying is that it is possible that the reason why you are going through what you are going through is because of an attack from members of your family.

I know it's difficult for many people to believe that - that their mother can be the reason why they are going through hardship in life; that their father could be the reason why they are having bad dreams; that their child could be the one causing them to have financial difficulties; that it is possible that their uncle or sibbling may be the reason why things have been difficult for them in life. The truth of the matter is that the source of spiritual attacks in our lives many times are people that we trust, lean on and depend on. Sometimes they are the one visiting demonic places to put curses, hexes and jinxes on our lives.

This truth is not a strange thing in the bible. Micah 7:6 says "For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies [are] the men of his own house."

Sometimes your enemies are the ones you smile with. Sometimes your enemies are the ones you sleep on the same bed with. Sometimes your enemies are the ones you are in the same house with. Sometimes your enemies are the ones you ask to pray for you; they may be the one behind your problem.

Because these people are close to you and have easy access to you, it makes it easy for them to steal, kill and destroy. As we talk about household wickedness I want you to know that household wickedness is not limitited to members of your family. Household could also refers to church member. Sometimes people that you go to church with may be doing voodoo againsts you. They may be putting obeah or curses on you. I know it's tough for some people to believe that. Please remember that not every one that comes to church comes to church to worship God. Satan sends his own people too.

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   Question: Is there a specific time I must pray?
   Answer: You can pray anytime you choose

Prayer Points

O Lord, expose every family member or friend who is an enemy but are pretending to be friends in Jesus name.
Every point of contact that household enemies are using against me, be destroyed in Jesus name.
O Lord, locate and destroy by fire every evil charm, hex, spell, jinx, manipulation and witchcraft working against my life, in Jesus name.
Holy ghost fire, flow through me and destroy every demonic personality and plantation in my life, in Jesus name.
I remove my name from every evil list, in Jesus name.
Every demonic personality following me around be arrested by fire, in Jesus name.
I bind every sorcerer, diviner, soothsayer, necromancer, false prophet(ess), psychic and witch doctor hired to do me harm, in Jesus name.
I reverse every evil done to me in my dreams, in Jesus name.
I dismantle and destroy every monitoring gadget of the enemies, in Jesus name.
O Lord, visit the foundation of my life and fix every problem in it, in Jesus name.
I destroy every remote controlling power working against my life, in Jesus name.


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